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Observe spiders as never before

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Bringing nature inside

the classroom.


With a patent pending design, the revolutionary Spider Keep brings the era of clear rectangle enclosures to the future. This is the first habitat designed specifically with the natural behaviors of spiders in mind. Prototyping began over a decade ago, and you are able to interact with your spider in a more realistic environment without the fear of escape. Students will learn to observe spiders and insects with a brand new appreciation.  

Designed for imagination. 


From the battlements to the lair, the Spider Keep was created to draw observers into the magical world of arachnology. This ingenious habitat features escape proof living areas, large viewing spaces, and even a removable rubbish tray for easy cleaning. Each habitat is shipped fully assembled yet allows customization by the user to adapt the Spider Keep in regards to which type of spider they wish to house.   

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Curiosity equals exploration.


Our habitats have been proudly certified and promote the many aspects of learning in regards to insects and our environment. Students are able to closely observe spiders in a controlled setting without fear. The habitats are available in various configurations which allow for the housing of many different species, each with their own characteristics of building webs. Explore which spider will work best in your habitat.   

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Our goal is to get our Spider Keep habitats in the hands of young students so they can learn about the joys of spiders and how spiders are beneficial to us. Click the link!

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The spider taketh hold with her hands, and is in kings’ palaces. Proverbs 30:28

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